To develop state-of-the-art cancer care centers in China, utilizing up-to-date medical technologies and protocols, ensuring the utmost quality and care for patients.

American Cancer Centers shall be the premier cancer care center in China by offering the most effective cancer diagnostics and treatments with unparalleled comprehensive support services, focused on individual patient needs.


Utilizing advanced medical knowledge And research to establish the highest standard of medical care.

Specially trained staff with unique sensitivity to the needs of patients and caregivers.

Provide a facility that will allow patient to receive cancer care in a dignified non-hospital environment.

Today, the best cancer care in the world can be found in the United States. Top-notch international and domestic doctors practice oncology in the US producing dramatic and inspiring results.

At the same time, China is a growing and burgeoning economy with a chance for new market opportunities and an ever-growing class of individuals with the desire and need for better health care. American Cancer Centers is in a unique position to fulfill this need and to provide China with internationally recognized cancer centers.

World-Class Physicians, Successful Business Leaders
The principal medical staff of ACC are leading American and internationally recognized physicians in the fields of radiation and medical oncology. They are supported by business leaders with proven track records in developing successful and well-funded enterprises. Learn more about the American Cancer Centers Team.

Breadth of Experience
Members of American Cancer Centers have been involved in building and operating prosperous cancer centers in the US. This includes radiation oncology centers, chemotherapy centers and a diagnostic center. In the 15 plus years in existence, these centers have been proven to be a success economically and more importantly, medically.

Bringing Success to China
American Cancer Centers is now embarking on a venture to bring that same effective model to China. With the support of several international businesses and domestic Chinese organizations, we are planning the first American Cancer Center for Shanghai. This private, fee-based facility will be a state of the art clinic and provide comprehensive cancer care and services.

Patient Centric Care
American Cancer Centers will have specially trained staff with unique sensitivity to the needs of patients and caregivers. Our facilities will have a comfortable, warm and esthetically appealing environment with the latest medical technologies. American Cancer Centers will be dedicated to the comfort, survivorship and long-term health of our patients.